By the shoreline

A spa like bathroom retreat.

Little ‘micro-moments’ of calm are everywhere: at any given moment, in every single day, waiting to be discovered.

Most of us are longing for these little pockets of peace. We all crave time to slow down.


The Brief

Transform a shower room into a spa-like retreat. Creating an oasis of calm with a contemporary, minimalist finish. Inspired by the shoreline.


The Design

Microcement was a perfect choice of wall finish for this spa-like, shower room. By forming a durable, waterproof surface with a distinct appearance – its tactile matte finish creates a beautifully subtle texture and warmth that’s a great alternative to tiles. The surface is solid and seamless, with no grout lines and resistant to mould – which makes this traditional plaster style a popular finish in contemporary, minimalist homes.


Paired with minimal fittings in a tarnished brass finish – these will age beautifully over time to bring out an organic quality with distinct colour and texture variations that tell its unique story. A feature within a feature – it creates a perfect balance between classic and contemporary.


The marble countertop sink, and carefully selected pattern encaustic floor tiles add an individual touch, adding to the sense of calm.


Taking full advantage of the natural light that feeds in through the room’s window, the shower room now has a spacious, inviting feel. Its serenity invites long showers and self-care rituals, for the ‘micro-moments’ of calm we all crave…


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Smells like

Refreshing and spa like, with hints of eucalyptus and neroli.

Feels like

A calming oasis.

Client / Credits

Project in collaboration with McCrum Interior Design