Creating space for mindful design

An interior and graphic design studio guided by a holistic and soulful approach - where our craft meets your story.

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These are our stories

A carefully curated hub dedicated to the joy of simplicity. A showcase of our work. A place for inspiration. A place to stay a while and explore what we create and experience, and who we meet along the way.

Step away from doing. Take a breath.


A design studio that’s by your side to inspire, guide, and evolve your project.
Gently unravelling your story to create designs that carry traces of you.

Explore a calmer and more
mindful approach to design…


Working together with makers and artists on a curated collection of beautiful items. Honouring the stories and celebrating the journeys that bring them to life.

Kind words

Sina is a great listener and a thoughtful, efficient, and attentive professional with whom I’ve always enjoy collaborating.

Sina helped us with an incredible rebranding that showcases not only her amazing abilities in different fields, but what is best about our brand.

Sina is smart, and her designs reflect a wonderful ability to translate abstract ideas into concrete visuals that make sense for the target audience.

I loved everything about working with Sina. I walked away with far more than a new brand identity. Working with Sina was invaluable.

In addition to being a talented interior designer, Sina is a great listener and a thoughtful, efficient, and attentive professional.

From day one, we could tell that Sina had the creativity and innovative insight we needed to get our brand to the next level. We set a timeline of events, and she stuck to it and delivered on time, every time.

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