Multisensory design

Design is often considered to be just about the visual language. The neglect of other senses is often evident in both the way designs are conceived and even in the way it’s taught.

Both in design school and in the design industry it’s more often about how something looks, functions or is built. Rarely do we sustain a discussion on the tactile or emotional side of a design.

But by solely focusing on the visual effect, we can become blinded to the broad spectrum of possibilities held in the environment, and in human perception.

There is more to design than meets the eye.


Design that goes beyond a vision – a process guided by five senses, not just one

I’ve always been interested in a multidisciplinary and multi-sensory approach to design. Whether  I’m creating spaces or brands – the way I want to connect to people is through emotions and the senses –  creating richer human experiences.

We all have those nostalgic memories of wonderful times. Memories of moments in special places that can be woken through music or scents, a tactile material or a feeling you had in a particular situation. You can sometimes almost taste a good memory!

So, when it comes to remembering something – the way it feels, and how it sounds, smells or tastes has equal weight to the way it looks.


But how does this translate to interior design or branding?

To give you an insight into how we work, you’ll find information about sounds, smells, tastes and feels on the bottom of every project story. These guide us beyond the visual results. 

We’ll ask questions when you work with us to help to unravel the more soulful details. Things like…

What emotions do you want your clients or guests to have when they first discover your brand?

What feelings do you want to evoke?

How do you want them to feel in your space when they visit or stay with you? Or how do you want to feel in your home?

What song would your brand or space be?

How does it smell? How does it feel?


Creating richer human experiences

In interior design, scent is one of the easiest ways to add an additional layer. There is plenty to read to find insights, depth and inspiration around it. 

Scents guide our emotions, memories, and associations. Think about how a scent can ground you in meditation or lift your spirits before an important meeting.

It can turn a space into so much more of a beautiful experience, as a layer of depth, tonality, and spirit on top of the visual and the tactile properties.

“Architecture is creating the bones and structure of a space. Multi-sensory interior design is adding the soul and a story.”



Consciously taking in the scents of places that you want to remember. Mindfully notice the exact smell of a place or moment and discover how many more memories come up, and how nuanced your sense of smell can become.


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